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The materials and coaching provided by "The Small Business Advantage™" have changed the lives of small business owners all over the country, and in all kinds of businesses. But don't just take our word for it; here's what a handful of the many successful small business owners we've helped have said…
"Your coaching has empowered us to be successful in a business world that once baffled us. We now have the tools and support to start our own small business." (EC and RC, Okeechobee, FL)
"For years, I've been operating my own small business, on my own, without any real advice. However, since becoming a member of The Small Business Advantage, I now have the support I never had, but desperately needed. Thank You!" (JH, Richmond, VA)
"Getting off the paycheck-to-paycheck merry-go-round has proven to be an incredible real-life story for us. Now we own and operate our very own successful small business, thanks to The Small Business Advantage. (FM and SM, Bend, OR)
"Ever since I started my own small business, I have never received any real advice. My accountant discussed some issues, but never made any recommendations. The Small Business Advantage coaches are just the opposite – they tell me exactly what to do, and how to implement the right decisions for my business". (GH, Dallas, TX)
"Your coaches gave me the confidence I needed to take control of my future and actually start a business – something I never thought I could do". (BP, Phoenix, AZ)
"It seemed that I always had a lot of what I thought were good ideas, but I never actually did anything. Your coaches helped me to develop ideas, and then implement them". (MS, Salt Lake City, UT)
"I've been owning and operating my own successful small business for over two decades. Even though my business has enjoyed a great deal of success, it was stuck, and I was unable to grow it much at all. Your coaches helped me develop a game plan and I am enjoying the best growth in sales I have every experienced. Thanks for your help". (LM, Los Angeles, CA)
We have many, many more e-mails from new and existing business owners who have seen the difference "The Small Business Advantage™" Coaching can make in their small business life. We'd love to add your e-mail to our list.

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