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This page is intended to encourage our Members to communicate directly with "The Small Business Advantage™". We love to hear positive feedback; however, we also want to hear any observations, criticisms or suggestions our members would like to share with us.
So let us hear from you by sending an e-mail to me, David Meier (founder and chief operating officer of The Small Business Advantage™) by clicking on this e-mail link thesmallbusinessadvantageinfo@earthlink.net.

Letter from the Founder:
Hello, and welcome to "The Small Business Advantage™". Over the years, I've had the distinct pleasure of working with thousands of individuals who decided to become small business owners. Some of them were just getting started, while others were in various stages of growing their existing businesses.
This experience has confirmed what I already had suspected about the nature of people who want to own their own business; most of them have great confidence in their abilities, are success driven, and believe they can "Do it on their own" – evidence of the independent nature of the entrepreneur.
Although it is possible to start-up and grow a successful small business from scratch with little or no outside assistance, history has shown that it's not very likely. And furthermore, in those rare instances when it does occur, those small business owners candidly admit, in retrospect, that their "trip" to business success was most often laced with a great deal of "Trial and Error". And for that reason, the effort became very expensive; expensive in that not only were dollars wasted, but an even more precious commodity was often squandered – their own time.
Trying to become a successful small business owner "on one's own" is clearly not worth the risk nor the cost. In this day and age, no one need attempt to "go it alone". Individuals who want to "start-up" a small business, as well as those who already have a business "up and running", are much better off with significant professional expert help. And now, with the creation of "The Small Business Advantage™", they no longer have to go without the highest quality of professional expert help.
It is to this premise that "The Small Business Advantage™" is dedicated - designed to provide the support that every small business owner must have in order to be truly successful.
The two benefits of proper support that I hear most often from small business owners are:
  1. Avoiding costly mistakes
  2. Saving the small business owner's precious time
Best wishes for your small business success!


David W. Meier

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David W. Meier

David has always been an entrepreneur at heart, starting with the proverbial Kool-Aid stand, door-to-door sales, yard mowing, newspaper delivery, his own rock-n-roll band playing his way through college, and starting and building his own successful chain of retail musical record and tape stores. This hands-on experience gave David a unique insight into the world of small business entrepreneurship, and at a very young age.

After completing his formal education with a BA in Economics from The University of Michigan, and an MBA from Loyola of Baltimore, David spent much of the ‘70s teaching finance, accounting and tax courses at local community colleges, The University of Maryland and George Mason University.

In the early ‘80s, David created an accounting and tax consulting group specifically dedicated to helping small business owners become more successful. And over the past two decades, David has traveled throughout this country presenting small business seminars and workshops to thousands of would-be, new and existing small business owners.

And now, with creation of The Small Business Advantage, David is realizing a lifelong dream of providing thousands more individuals with the knowledge and on-going support required to enable them to become truly successful entrepreneurs!