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What "The Small Business Advantage™" Coaches do for our Members:
  • They are available to you on an unlimited basis, 66 hours per week
  • They take you, one step at a time, through the on-going process of developing your business ideas into profitable businesses
  • They are your partners – always with your business' success uppermost in their mind
  • They have access to proven and cutting-edge business success strategies
  • They function as your Mentor – taking a personal interest in your business' success
  • They work with both emerging and current small business owners alike
  • They also assist you in using your business success in developing your "Personal Financial Life" as an entrepreneur
Who are "The Small Business Advantage™" Coaches?
  • They are individuals who are dedicated to guiding small business owners through the process of growing their business ideas
  • They have a broad base of formal business education including undergraduate degrees in economics, accounting, finance, business law, and graduate degrees in finance, accounting, marketing, and law
  • They are real estate brokers, retirement planning specialists, Certified Financial Planners (CFP), licensed investment advisors, and insurance brokers
  • They are entrepreneurs. They bring their personal experiences as small business owners. This enables them to anticipate your issues, and provide specific guidance to you in operating your small business
  • They take great pride in developing new business ideas, and working to convert these ideas into profitable businesses
  • They are professionals – meaning they take your business success very seriously, and work tirelessly to help you meet your personal business goals
  • They are patient in working with you as your advisors
  • They have the unique ability to focus on your specific coaching needs – not allowing the rest of the world to interfere with your goals and dreams
What are the benefits of "The Small Business Advantage™" coaching?
  • You have access to the very same tools and resources as your coaches
  • You can enjoy having the confidence that you're not alone
  • You never have to anxiously wait to contact your (mentor) coach
  • You don't have to feel rushed during your calls to your coach
  • You never have to wonder where you are in the process of business success; you'll always know what you're doing and the benefits of your actions
  • You have peace of mind in knowing that you have access to the most comprehensive sources of small business information
  • You will always have the calm organized assistance of a coach who knows just how to guide you through the process of achieving small business success
  • You will always be confident that you are using the latest and most powerful success strategies
  • You will also be able to address your own Personal Financial issues in concert with the small business ownership decisions that you and your coach consider

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