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As a Member of "The Small Business Advantage™", you are entitled to the following exclusive Member Benefits (free of charge):
  • Unlimited access to The Small Business Advantage Personal Business Coaches – 66 hours per week…
    • Via your special members only "1-800" toll free Coaching Hot-line number
      • 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Monday thru Friday (Eastern Time Zone)
      • 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday (Eastern Time Zone)
    • E-mail support
      • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
    You can call, e-mail or fax your coaches from anywhere in the world and receive professional coaching from our team of experienced small business experts.

  • Your own personal copy of the e-book coaching guide: "200 Small Business Success Steps".

  • Depending on the stage of development of your small business, there are very specific steps that you must consider to continue to grow your business profitably. This e-Book contains 200 invaluable success strategies that a small business owner will implement as they develop and grow their small businesses.

  • Your own personal copy of "The Small Business Advantage™" e-Book Series.

  • This series is simply the most comprehensive reference guide available for small business owners. It contains everything a small business owner should know. It has been developed to be an on-going resource for small business owners – to meet the needs of both start-up and existing small business owners. This series serves as your single reference source…used as the basis for "The Small Business Advantage™" Personal Business Coaching.

    "The Small Business Advantage™" Series consists of the following four e-Books:

    1. "Grow Your Business Exponentially":
    In order to grow your business, you must first develop business ideas. These can be entirely new business ideas, and they can also be existing business ideas that require further development. The following elements are essential in the development of any business idea:
    • Identify a "Business Idea" that's unique, and that reaches an existing demand
    • Create "Products/Services" that reflect your business idea
    • Develop a "Major Sales Advantage" (MSA) to distinguish your idea from your competition
    • Test market your business ideas
    • Determine the "Value" of your business idea
    • Identify and secure proper "Funding" sources
    • Structure a (legal) "Form of Organization" that meets the needs of your business idea(s), while providing personal liability protection, income tax minimization and estate planning assistance
    • Create an "Organizational Structure" for your business including an organizational chart, task descriptions, a "Mission Statement", and the selection of your professional support team
    • Identify the "Goals and Objectives" of your business, relative to your business idea(s)
    • Write a "Business Plan"

    2. "Increase Your Sales Ten-fold":
    Marketing is the process of communicating to potential customers in an effort to convert them into actual customers. It involves the following key elements:
    • Select "Products/Services" that support your business idea(s)
    • Focus your business' marketing efforts on specifically identified "Target Markets"
    • Develop and implement a "Major Sales Advantage" (MSA) for each business idea
    • Identify and grow "Strategic Alliances" to assist you in marketing and providing "Products/Services"
    • Exercise "Conversion Marketing" to convert prospects into customers
    • Create "Direct Response Marketing" as a way of getting potential customers to take action now
    • Include the four major components of "Ad Writing": Grabber Headline, Features, Benefits and a Call to Action
    • Develop effective "Advertising Campaigns" that communicate your business' ideas to prospective customers
    • Hire, train and develop your "Sales Force"
    • Use "Promotion and Public Relations" to credentialize your business and its ideas
    • Build a "Customer Database", and implement Target Marketing to this customer base
    • Maximize your "Internet Marketing" opportunities

    3. "Achieve and Maintain Profit Maximization"
    The best way to create significant and continuous profit is to take actions that enable you to gain financial advantage in operating your small business. In order to accomplish this, there are a number of elements that must be in place:
    • Provide "Proper Funding" – the critical component in providing the cash and non-cash requirements of your business idea; do so in a manner that includes favorable terms and conditions
    • Establish accurate and timely "Financial Reporting" as an essential component in the success of any business idea
    • Create and implement a "Working Capital Management" mechanism whereby you can ensure that your business always has proper liquidity (cash)
    • Include the following in your business' "Strategic Financial Analysis": ratio analysis, break-even analysis, supply and demand elements, price sensitivity analysis, profit margin analysis, operating expense control and the proper use of financial leverage
    • Determine the "Value of your Business" periodically to provide you with its current market value.

    4. "Almost Everything Is Tax Deductible"
    When you, as a small business owner, implement the strategies that allow you to take all the tax deductions to which you are entitled, you will have (in effect) made your life tax deductible. The following elements of your (small business) are tax deductible:
    • Your Car…deduct the entire cost of purchasing, operating and maintaining your car - that is applicable to business usage
    • Your Equipment…create a special equipment deduction of up to $100,000 every year
    • Your Family…pay your children tax-free dollars that your business can deduct
    • Your Travel…deduct 100% of all business travel, including round-trip airfare – even when your trip is not all business
    • Your Entertainment…deduct 50% of your meals, concerts, season tickets to sporting events and other entertainment costs that are either directly related to, or associated with, a business purpose
    • Your Home…write-off a portion of your home, plus 100% of your other business deductions
    • Your Retirement…invest dollars pre-tax and let them grow tax deferred…invest dollars after-tax and let them grow tax-free forever
    • Your Form of Organization…select the proper one to maximize your business' tax deductions, while minimizing your business and personal income tax liability
    • Your Self…create tax-deductible fringe benefits, such as health care, insurance and transportation
    • Your Strategic Issues…use certain current year tax deductions to reduce prior and future years' taxable income

  • Your own complimentary Membership in the "Tax Institute"…provides the following (free of charge):
    • A Review of your last two tax returns - to uncover possible missed deductions and to provide you with a comprehensive plan for your current tax situation
    • Preparation of a basic 1040 Tax Return – just for being a member. We want to make sure you pay as little as possible in taxes
    • Exclusive Use of our "Deduction Detector" – a booklet designed to help maximize your tax deductions (thereby minimizing your tax bill)

  • Your own personal copy of the monthly magazine SuccessInsight….containing the latest success strategies. This combined with your unlimited access to your Coaches will assist you, as a small business owner, with the following personal financial issues…and more:
    • Real Estate Investing – You will learn strategies that help you buy: (1) your own home, and (2) investment property. We'll teach you how to use creative financing, flips, foreclosures, owner financing and other proven techniques used to make money in real estate.
    • Stock Market Investments – Our team of registered investment advisors, utilizing our proven "Money Movement Strategy™", will give you unbiased investment advice and recommend where to invest your money in today's economy. Also our advisors will prepare a "Free Portfolio Review" – consisting of analysis of your own portfolio and retirement plans…to make sure your investments are on track to reach your financial goals. Whether you are just starting out, or already have a substantial portfolio, our investment professionals can help.
    • Consumer Buying – when you are about to make a big purchase, our consultants can advise you how to buy almost any item without overpaying For example: Save up to 60% on your next car. Our consultants will tell you what the car is worth…to make sure you don't pay too much, and to uncover dealer "add-ons", and finance gimmicks – so you won't get ripped off.
    • Insurance Needs – You will have access to exclusive low-cost business, life, auto, home, long-term care, medical, disability and liability umbrella insurance
    • College Funding – Our consultants can help you decipher the array of different college funding tools, such as: Education Savings, 529 plans, UGMA's and Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits
    • Debt Reduction / Credit Management - Using our exclusive Debt and Credit Tracking Form, our consultants will design a plan specifically for you, and work with you one-on-one to get you out of debt quickly and painlessly, and to strengthen your credit rating.
    • Retirement Planning – Traditional and Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, SEP, KEOGHs, SIMPLE – just a few of the many choices of retirement plans for small business owners. Our consultants can help you sift through the choices and decide which is best for you.
    • Estate Planning – To begin with, you will be given a "Free Estate Organizer" – an easy-to-complete form designed to make sure your family is familiar most important records and where to find them. Then our consultants will assist in putting together a comprehensive estate plan for you and your family.
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