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Welcome to "The Small Business Advantage™" - dedicated to providing ongoing support to new, emerging and mature small businesses… a program specifically designed to provide the professional guidance every small business owner needs to be truly successful – Personal Business Coaching.
What Does Your Small Business Need?
As a small business owner, you have very specific needs. "The Small Business Advantage™" is dedicated to providing you with professional resources that will give you "The Advantage".
Identify, from our list of "Small Business Needs" (shown below), specifically what your business needs. Once you become a member of "The Small Business Advantage™", you can call your Small Business Advantage Coaches, as often as you like, to get help. If you don't see what your business needs below, call our Small Business Advantage Coaches, to discuss your business' specific needs.
Small Business Needs
  • Identifying personal business "Goals and Objectives"
  • Developing a "Business Idea"
    • Identifying feasible ideas
    • Measuring potential demand
    • Researching competition
    • Creating products/services
    • Identifying possible strategic alliances
    • Calculating expected market share
    • Estimating sales potential
    • Creating pro-forma financials
    • Estimating the "value of your business (idea)"
    • Making the decision to proceed (or not)
  • Writing a "Marketing Plan"
  • Designing & Implementing "Test Marketing"
  • Writing a "Business Plan"
  • Properly "Funding" your business
  • Creating of your business' "Infrastructure & Capability"
  • Developing & Implementing a "Marketing Campaign"
  • Estimating the current "Market Value of your business"
  • Creating the most favorable legal "Form of Business Organization"
  • Estimating "Sales Growth Potential"
  • "Profit Maximization"
  • Conducting and evaluating "Strategic Financial Analysis"
  • To "Make Your (business) Life Tax Deductible" (Identifying and implementing Tax Saving Strategies)
  • Protecting your personal assets from "Personal Liability Exposure" (Asset Protection)
  • Establishing a plan for "Wealth Transfer"
    • Estate Planning
    • Sale of Your Business
  • Creating and implementing a "Personal Financial Plan" for you as a small business owner
  • Growing your personal wealth by making strategic investments in…
    • Your Business
    • The Stock Market
    • Real Estate
  • Retirement Planning for small business owners
  • Applying Consumer Strategies for small business owners
    • Buying
    • Insurance
    • Credit Management
    • College Funding
  • Tax Return Review – business and personal
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